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We are pioneers in managing at remote offices,s we have been doing it for a decade now & this “ability to manage without borders is going to become a critical skill globally”. Dan Schawbel
Partner & research Director
Future Workplace

As your business expands, and you look for more human resources, 24 by 7 Corporate Services proves to be an efficient partner offering the right staffing solutions for your requirements. Towards your endeavor we can help with temporary and permanent placement.

For most of our Indian Clients professional temporary placement is a tough call – the skill set and employer needs for a short span of time makes this a particularly rough ride for both, and in the Indian context, an uncharted terrain. Both the sides have high apprehensions and managing those apprehensions of both sides is our task – something we are good at.

As per Dan Schawbel, Partner & research director at Future Workplace, “ the job market will continue to improve causing job seekers and employees to have more leverage, ….” “The demand for more flexible work environment will continue …”

24 by 7 Corporate Services has long been working in an Indian environment of what is now globally recognized as blended workforce. It has long been an everyday work environment for us with many of our clients. In fact at some of our client sites 24 by 7 staff constitutes 90% of their headcounts. We know how to blend! And we blend well!