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Director's Take

Challenges are a 27 by 7 thing. Add to it ‘peoples’ operations, along with a global slowdown ….these are as testing as a business environment can get…..& we at 24 by 7 Corporate Services have seen it all. People are the first resource affected during tough times and as the HR for our clients, that particularly rolls up to our desk!

By continuing to keep our focus on clients and the people – we have managed to sail well through these waters and we know like everyone does that ‘ache din’ will soon be here.

We, at 24 by 7 devote time, people and resources to help build and protect our clients’ core competencies and work interests. That’s our mission – to provide quality HR services to attract, develop, motivate & retain a diverse workforce for our clients, through knowledge, people and customer service.

Our most significant achievement always is when we are able to recommend the absorption of our people in the client’s organization. It is what we see as honest pursuit of the individual’s growth and clients’ good. We are proud to say that each year we add to those numbers thereby keeping the faith. We have always maintained that ‘profitable businesses need smarter people, because great products and services don’t happen by accident’. With over two decades of experience across business verticals and geographies our organization was created to enhance skills in any kind of economic season and to partner enterprises in identifying the right talent. This principle reinforces our intent ‘to help people and company reach their aim through constant striving of getting people to realize their potential and help clients effectively utilize that human potential’

Compliance is yet another strong point of 24 by 7 Corporate Services. We pride on our impeccable standards & practices. We are rated among the top in terms of compliance adherences and practices. Our attrition levels have remained less than 3% for many years now – that is a high!

While we are operational in different spaces, we have drawn up plans to enter newer spaces for we are of the view that we must change to be sustainable, grow & prosper ….….and are well on our way to do.