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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With employment ever being in spotlight, it is of little wonder that we too at 24 by 7 Corporate Services like to keep it on the horizon. It allows us, as RPO providers to peg our expectations in engaging and recruiting talent in the times ahead.

For our current and potential clients we bring

  • Talent unlimited
    Growth, projections, forecast, Scaling, Diversifying …..all off the strategic blue print centers on the people. People who get it right the first time and every time.

    We at 24 by 7 understand your quest for talent and look for an individual with the best fit. We begin with active engagement and keep in touch to better understand and meet your progressive requirements …..thats talent unlimited for you; now and tomorrow!
  • Tech knowledge

    Technology is and continues to be the most favored way of recruiting. It allows for streamlining and saving each stakeholder time & energy. We could give you real time reporting – allowing you a window to our efforts on your talent acquisition. You no longer to wait for a status update.
  • Data & Analytics
    D’n A has been here & is here to stay. We get this elusive talent especially for you

24 by 7 as your HR partner understands that employing right individuals can make a lot of difference in a company’s performance. Getting a right fit, both - skill set & attitude is critical for all organizations. We take this task in earnestness & work at getting it right the first time and every time.

There are many ways to check for the right fit, simulations and case studies have served us well. We also examine their job-relevant skills and problem solving abilities. Each expert offers detailed rating for the essential aspects of the job description.

We offer you a transparent and result – oriented recruitment process … for all!