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Hr Services Outsourcing

“HR outsourcing is on every HR directors’ list of things to do”

Wayne Story,
Managing Director
Capita HR Solutions

Given the now economic climate – we are at the right place at the right time and like Wayne Story says it ‘we are the right partner at the right time, for the right reasons” and allow HR professionals in organizations the window to deal with more strategic workforce challenges. People operations’ is definitely the buzz – albeit unglamorous and boring. We at 24 by 7 think this trend will eventually be the best practice that all organization can adopt, MNCs leading the way with the regulatory bodies getting there as well – after all this change is sustainable.

Our favorite perspective is that of United Kitchen’s sales and training manager – the company’s aim was to buy an expert who could maintain an objective view, not get embroiled in office politics …

24 by 7 brings a competent team of HR professionals with decades of collective experience that allows shifting the entire transactional processes such as payroll, staffing, compliance administration, helpdesk etc .