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PayRoll Management

24 by 7 Corporate Services allow you to bring in an efficient way of meeting your financial obligations towards your employees. Payday is important for all; everywhere. As your business expands, managing timely and accurate disbursal of salaries and other perks become a challenging task.

We at 24 by 7 take over this responsibility. We can construct exclusively for you the wherewithal to

  • know your employees are working when they say they are.
  • allow you to know your employees absence track record and the kind of absence / issues you are dealing with and have to be prepared for
  • give you a dashboard that allows you to know what staff payouts you are looking at in real time.

Keeping a better track of working time across your organization will allow you to payout correctly without manual recordkeeping. We take responsibility of managing this whether you are a small, medium or large business thereby reducing your cost.

Our payroll solution is state-of-art software that handles end-to-end payroll cycle. Our team can manage payroll processes of varying complexity. We can work with you to streamline processes and setup your internal systems to calculate salaries, tax deductions and other payouts like PF, perks, benefits, IT etc. We can also educate you for a better understanding of this capsule in real-time.